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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it feel like during hyperbaric treatment?

While in the chamber, you will be breathing 96% pure oxygen while being pressurized to 1.3 ATA. When the chamber starts to pressurize, you will start to feel your ears pop like being on an airplane. When you reach pressure, the oxygen does not smell, taste, or feel any different than the air you’re breathing outside. It’s like lying on the sofa at home watching TV. There is a constant flow of oxygen coming in through the oxygen mask. Treatment time can be up to 90 minutes. When your treatment time is up, the chamber will begin its ascent. This only takes a few minutes, then your treatment will be over. After treatment, it is important to drink water, eat healthy, and rest.

How should I prepare for my hyperbaric treatment?

Prior to treatment, please avoid alcohol or carbonated drinks. It’s best to avoid smoking and any other tobacco products during your treatment period, as they interfere with the body’s ability to transport oxygen. This will directly affect the time it takes you to heal. We suggest that patients go into treatment as if they just got out of the shower. We do not mean you must shower immediately before therapy, but due to safety reasons customers should not enter the hyperbaric chamber with any chemicals on your body. Please remove all lotions, hair products, perfumes, cosmetics, deodorant, etc.

What do I wear for my hyperbaric treatment?

It is recommended that customers should wear 100% cotton clothing inside the chamber.

Will I feel claustrophobic?

The chambers are extremely roomy with a push back recliner and several viewing ports. The vast majority of people who have expressed concerns about feeling claustrophobic have enjoyed their mHBOT experience in this style of chamber. There is interior lighting and a push-to-call video conferencing system in case there are any emergencies or if you need to terminate your session early. The chamber is always attended in case any questions arise or you begin to feel uncomfortable.

What are the side effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Middle ear barotrauma is the most common side effect from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is pain experienced from the middle ear due to difficulty equalizing the pressure on both sides of the eardrum. Patients should be educated prior to treatment on maneuvers for clearing your ears. Patients have access to the pressure relief valve should it be necessary to slow or stop pressurization. Vision changes can occur while in treatment. This is because of hyperbaric oxygen on the curvature of the eye’s lens during a course of 20 or more hyperbaric treatments. If this happens, it is minor and temporary. Changing your eyeglass prescriptions is not necessary. Your eyesight will return to normal a few weeks after stopping treatment. Most patients tolerate hyperbaric therapy very well. mHBOT does not have narcotic type effects. Your current daily activities/functions will not be impaired from having treatment, and it’s safe for you to drive yourself to and from your hyperbaric sessions.



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